About me

Currently a student at Boston College. Formerly a student at The Peddie School in Hightstown, NJ.

I'm studying computer science along with a diverse liberal arts education. I am also taking a Russian minor and am learning the Russian language to read original versions of Tolstoy and Doestoevsky. Over my time at BC I have built a repertoire of full-stack development tools - working in JS, Go, Python, Java, and learning functional programming in OCaml. I have worked on low-level projects, building a compiler from scratch and working with operating systems. I have also created high-level applications, one being the BC Print Monitor that I created to help my fellow coworkers at the library help desk. I also created a new website for the BC Blockchain club.

A passion for finance has led me to developing a stock market screener and trading bot and learning the fundamentals of finance. My fields of interest are in Web Development, Cryptocurrency, Networking, Cybersecurity, Mobile App Development, and Statistics.

I also take pride in my passion for literature - I always have a book with me and am currently reading Ulysses by James Joyce.

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